Saturday, 9 September 2023



Our school VIVEKANANDA KENDRA VIDYALAYA RANGAT celebrated TEACHERS'DAY with great enthusiasm. The program was organised by LALA HARIDHAYAL HOUSE.

The event started with a heartfelt assembly. After that ,students paid tribute to their teachers. Bouquets were presented as tokens of gratitude. KYNA HALDER, student of class IV, opened the program with a beautiful classical dance performance. BINDHU didi followed with a speech that emphasized the significance of the day.The celebration continued with a series of captivating performances. JUI  DUTTA (C-IX)and her group presented a wonderful group song, followed by a speech delivered by SATYAM BAWALI  (C-VII). DITHI  SAHAY and her group , expressed their gratitude through a group dance dedicated to the teachers. KYNA HALDER, once again, delivered a valuable speech highlighting the importance of the occasion.

Students from the Lala Haridhayal House performed a skit centered around the theme of Teacher's Day. VEDANSH( C- II) recited a beautiful poem, and KRITIKA PAUL (C- VI) showcased a wonderful solo dance performance. S.C. AVANTIKA , of class IV presented another captivating dance, while Sonakshi from the same class also recited a beautiful poem..Diti's sung a melodious song, focusing on the significance of a Guru. Finally, the event  was concluded  with an outstanding ring dance by SHRADDHA (C- V).

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