Sunday 14 April 2024



"Vidyarambham", also known as” Aksharabhyyasam” signifies the formal introduction of toddlers to the world of writing and learning. “Vidya” means knowledge, and “arambham” means start, making it a ceremony that marks the beginning of a child's educational journey. It instils a sense of tradition and cultural pride in the child

For keeping this tradition alive, VIVEKANANDA KENDRA VIDYALAYA RANGAT, celebrated the “Vidhyarambham” ceremony on 3rd April, 2024. The ceremony was unfolded by our honourable Principal  CH Shanmuga Rao by lighting the lamp infront of Maa Saraswati , “the Goddess of knowledge”. After that each and every blossoming buds were made to write akshars &  letters on the tray filled with rice mixed with haldi( Akshada rice). Then every child offered flowers to the portrait of Maa Saraswati. Mangal Thread was tied and sweets were distributed to each one of them. A total of 7 children along with their parents took part in that ceremony.

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