Wednesday 28 February 2024


 " Matru devo bhava, Pitru devo bhava, Acharya devo bhava, Atithi devo Bhava”.  The traditional Matru puja is based on the verse of the Taittiriya Upanishad, which says that “Let you be the one who worships mother, father, teachers and guests as god”.

Goddess in the heaven are always worshipped during festivals. But Goddess on the earth, who give birth to us, (our Mother) should also be worshipped. She sacrifices so many things in life just to see that her children grow and lead a successful life.

Nobody in this world can do what a mother does for her child.To respect the sacrifices and the pain that she takes to make a life & to instil the moral values in the minds of children and to foster love and respect towards the “Mother” who has endured great pain to bring the child into this world, VIVEKANANDA KENDRA VIDYALAYA, RANGAT  conducted “Matru Puja” to strengthen the bond of love and respect between mothers and their children. The school was beautifully decorated with traditionally available flowers ,coconut leaves and mango leaves. Parents were  welcomed by traditionally the teachers &  children of class IX. After that, the traditional lamp was lit followed with the chanting of “Three om karas”. 

Guru Paduka Puja was performed by the Pandit
 by offering Panchamrut (water, milk, curd, honey and ghee) and flowers at the Holy Lotus feet of Maa Saraswati, while the Guru Stotram was chanted by one and all. Thereafter, One of our senior teachers,  Smti Bindhu.K, spoke about the significance of this puja in the present day context, where children, distracted by the technology in hand, do not spend quality time with their mothers and thereby forget to care for their simple needs. After that, our honorable Principla along with all teachers, guided the children to wash the feet of their mothers.  Students worshipped their mothers’ by applying chandan and kum kum on their mother’s feet. They took Aarti with diya & agarbatti  and garlanded them.  The emotional mothers’ hugged and kissed their children and blessed them wholeheartedly.  The beaming faces of the children and mothers was a treat to the eyes .Mothers became very emotional and thanked the teachers and management members for arranging such a beautiful programme for them which  gave awareness and importance of mother to the children on this day. 

After that, Aarti was performed by the teachers .After taking blessings from all staff , Students got their Admit Cards from the Principal , Shri CH Shanmuga Rao, and the ceremony came to an end with the chanting of Shanti mantra.  At last, Prasad and Breakfast were served to all.

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